A recipe by Alexandros Papandreou

Mocha cream with crunchy hazelnuts and chocolate sauce

Preparation Time: 30 minutes

Cooking Time: 2 hours

Serves: 6-8 People



  • 300 gr chocolate biscuits
  • 100 gr Lurpak® butter, melted
  • 750 gr Arla® fresh cream cheese
  • 225 gr powdered sugar
  • 400 gr Arla® whipping cream
  • 3 shots espresso ristretto (60ml)

For the topping

  • 150 gr plain chocolate
  • 300 gr Arla® whipping cream

For the crunchy hazelnut

  • 200 gr hazelnuts
  • 150 gr sugar



Place a non stick pan on medium fire to warm up and add the hazelnuts and the sugar, stirring continuously until the sugar is melted. When the sugar is melted, gets a darker colour and is mixed with the hazelnuts, spread the pan ingredients on a parchment paper and let it cool. Then, chop them into small pieces using a knife.

On a pan lined with parchment paper, place the individual round bake frames. In a small mixer, beat the chocolate cookies until grated and then add them in a bowl. Add the melted butter Lurpak® and stir well with a spoon. 

Divide and spread this mixture on the base of the individual round bake frames, pressing well with the spoon until the base is covered and then place them in the fridge while you make the cream.

In a mixer, add the fresh cream cheese Arla®, powdered sugar and espresso and whisk on medium speed for two minutes.

Add the Arla® whipping cream and continue whisking at a greater speed until you have a nice cream.

When the cream is ready, place it in a pastry bag and fill the bake frames.

Put the frames back in the fridge until the cream cools down, for about 1 hour.

Cook the plain chocolate and the whipping cream over a double boiler and stir until the plain chocolate melts and is homogenized with the whipping cream.  Let the plain chocolate aside to cool down sufficiently. 

Take the cream out of the fridge, remove the bake forms and serve the mocha cream in individual plates with 2 tbsps chocolate cream on the side and finally sprinkle with crunchy hazelnuts.