Arla® Kids Masterclasses October 2019 - Competition

Arla® Kids Masterclass Competition

Enter the draw for the 'Arla® Kids Masterclass' competition and your child could win a unique workshop in cooking lessons for children delivered by the renowned chef Alexander Papandreou!

The lucky winners will be able to give their children the opportunity to enjoy a special culinary experience where they will be taught how to prepare a three-course meal.  

Specially designed for 9-14 year olds the Arla® Kids Masterclass will teach our young friends how to cook while having fun under the instructions of our talented celebrity chef Alexander Papandreou.

In order to enter the draw you must purchase Arla® Cream Cheese products using your ALFAMEGA Social Family Card from 22/08 to 4/09. 

The first 3 Arla® Kids Masterclasses in Cyprus will take place on 9, 10 & 11 October 2019.

Stay tuned on our website for delicious recipes, snapshots, useful information and surprises from our Arla® Kids Masterclasses and our favourite chef.

Lastly, check out these unique recipes Chef Alexander Papandreou has prepared for you - an extra gift from the chef to all our Arla®’s friends: