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A deck is a full-width horizontal container, inside of which you can place blocks. Decks also have properties to control their own layout and their content (blocks).

Copy deck

With the copy deck you now have the opportunity to style a long text and add it to several places.

How to make a copy deck

  • Create a Copy deck and add content to the following elements
    • Kicker
    • Headline
    • Preamble
    • Body
  • Then you can style the Copy deck
    • Background Palette: use the following elements
      • Image: add image (optional).
      • Color: select a color if you want to (optional).
      • Hex: add a hex-code (optional).
      • Theme: Choose between dark and light.
  • Add the Copy deck to the Inline content area, Deck Area, Main Area or Hero Deck area.

See details and examples


A FAQ is build by two block types

FaqItemBlockType - which is the Question and Answer - You can make as many FaqItemBlockType as you need.

FaqDeckBlockType - you use this block to store all of your FaqItemBlockType. 

See details and examples


Full width slider

A Full width slider is a slide function of more Generic Decks or Split decks.

How to make a Full width Slider:

First make your Generic Decks or Split deck. You can make as many as you want.

Remember to place your content in a Blocks folder, so you can find it again and use it when you make the Full width Slider.

Then you make a Full width Slider and place the Generic og Split decks in the Content Area.

Now you have made a Full width slider.

See details and examples

Generic decks

A Generic Deck is a full width container, which can hold different element such as general spot(s), simple image link, HTML, image, search block or Youtube.

See details and examples


Inspiration deck

An inspiration deck is a collection of links to inspire the customer to look for more. It is not a key element in the Global Arla Digital Platform, but it provides a flexible way to present a number of elements at the same level.

Inside an inspiration deck you can drag-in recipes, products or any other page from the right togglebar or you can make Simple Image Links. There can be a unlimited number of links.

See details and examples

Ribbon deck

A Ribbon Deck is a placeholder for Ribbon Deck Link. Ribbon Deck Link should be created either directy in the Content Area of the Ribbon Deck, or if you would like to reuse the Ribbon Deck Link elsewhere in the Blocks folders.

See details and examples

Slider deck

A Slider Deck is very similar to an inspiration deck. You can drag-in recipes, products, any page from the right togglebar or you can make Simple Image Links. There can be a unlimited number of links. The only difference is the layout.

A Slider deck can be placed in the Deck or Main Area on any Page or in the Hero Area on Standard (Heroless) or Brand (Heroless).

See details and examples

Split deck

A split deck is a very powerful element in the Global Arla Digital Platform. It provides a flexible way to present two different content blocks at the same level.

See details and examples

Theme teaser block type

The ThemeTeaserBlockType is a new deck, which should be used to feature recipe Themes. You are able to add up to 6 themes.

See details and examples


Product list

A Product list block type automatically draws in all the products on your site and displays them - either ordered by brand then product name or by product name only. A Product List can be placed on any page type.

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