Weekly menus


Mealplan pages are supposed to help users to build their mealplan with Arla recipes.


Mealplan pages helps user to create a customizable mealplan with Arla recipes and add them to basket, using Click&Cook to buy all needed ingredients fast and smooth.


Live Mealplans

Mealplan pages are currently created only on Arla.dk and Arla.se websites.

Mealplan on Arla.dk

Mealplan on Arla.se


How to set up recipes for Mealplan:

Recipes are added each week by editors in RDB (Recipe Database), using Weekly menus functionality.

Editors create a new week number, and add recommended recipes for each day of week into each Weekly menu category.



Also we tag each recipe in Arla Editor Interface.

Tags are used when user clicks to refresh the recommendation, then we show recipe with matching tags. Tags with names of Weekly menus categories were specially created in TDB, so please remember to add category as a tag in Arla Editor Interface.

Settings on website:

  1. Create a Mealplan page type
  2. Create Category pages and add Weekly menus categories IDs from RDB
  3. Add texts in Site Settings:
    • Arla.se: (Inställningar) Sajt -> (Inställningar) Click & Cook och matsedlar -> CVI tab
    • Arla.dk: Site Settings -> (Indstillinger) Indkøb -> CVI tab
  4. Add Custom Mealplan page in Site Settings.

Custom mealplan page

Custom mealplan page is a page where user can create his own mealplan, adding recipes he chooses to the corresponding week days, and then possibly add this mealplan to basket.

Technically Custom mealplan page is created together with other Weekly category pages. This page needs to be added in special setting:

  • Arla.se: (Inställningar) Sajt -> (Inställningar) Click & Cook och matsedlar -> CVI tab -> Custom mealplan category page
  • Arla.dk: Site Settings -> (Indstillinger) Indkøb -> CVI tab -> Custom mealplan category page