Guide for editors

Standard Demo

Here is a guide for a Standard page - the most used page of the entire global platform.

A standard page is the most used page on the platform.

Properties for Hero:

  • Heading:
    • Heading: max. 30 chars. (Mandatory)
    • Subheading (optional)
  • Hero:
    • Kicker: max 20 chars. (optional)
    • Background Image: 2400x1000 px.
      • When Theme DARK is selected always use the "No styling" option
      • When Theme Light is selected apply one of the below stylings:
        • Default - Dark overlay when there is text placed on the image
        • Enhanced (only for light theme) - Gradient overlay on text. On mobile text is removed from image field and is placed underneath image on a light gray background
        • No styling - All dark overlays, text-shadows are removed. Button styling as it is today.
    • Text: Posible to add a supplementery copy (optional)
    • Button:
      • Text: (Mandatory if there is a link. Otherwice the link will not show)
      • Link URL: Here it is possible to add a link to internal page, media, mail or external site.
    • Theme: Chose between light or drak text
    • Icon: Here it is possible to add a logo. max 460x460px. with transparent background.
      • Logo placement: Chose between No logo, Left, Middel, Right or Place in Right section.
      • Logo gradient: Chose between Light or Dark gradient behind logo if this makes the logo more visible.
    • Remove minimum height: Check off if you would like a smaller hero. Will fit the content inside.
    • New! Content Area: Here you could place a Search block
  • Text in the Hero is always left aligned

Properties for Information









Two Image slide

Randomization Block type

Full width silder

SEO Link Collection Deck

Product Map Deck Block

Generic Poll Deck

Properties for Right Section (optional)

  • Sub-navigation has this page as starting point: Check this box off if you want to set this page as starting point for Sub-Navigation. 
  • If you do not Click of the Right section you can make pages which looks like this

Properties for Thumbnail

  • Image URL: Add image (Optional)
  • Image text: Add copy (Optional)

Properties for Breadcrumbs

  • Breadcrumbs: Are setup be deafult. Use the dropdown to Force or Hide it
    • If you choose Force, then you can use the Forced Breadcrumbs Styling
  • When the Breadcrumb setting value is set to Default, it should only be displayed if there is a generic deck with a BG colour or if there is a Right Navigation. Otherwise it should be hidden - unless Forced is chosen and the Styling is set. See below.
  • Forced Breadcrumbs Styling
    • Background color: Choose amonge the preset color palette
    • Theme: Choose Dark or Light color for breadcrumb text
    • Breadcrumb label: Here you can write a text like: "You are here" to make the navigation more simple.

Properties for Ribbon menu

Ribbon menu is setup on the page itself and will be placed below the Hero area. Pages with Ribbon menu should NOT have a breadcrumb or a Right side navigation.

To setup a Ribbon Menu you should now use Simple image links for each menu point. This allows you to link to all page types and anchors.

  • On the standard page you go to Ribbon Menu
  • Content area: In the content are you click on create a new block to create the Ribbon menu. If you want to reuse the Ribbon menu on more pages then create it inside a folder under blocks and drag it into this area.
  • Properties of Ribbon menu:
    • Information:
      • Ribbon menu links: Click on "create a new block" choose to create a simple image link. Read more about how to setup a Simple image link
      • Theme: Choose if the color of the text should be light or dark. 
      • Display icons: check off if icons should be displayed.
      • Image: Insert a image if there should be a image in the right side of the Ribbon menu: Click here for an example
    • Background:
      • Palette color: (Optional) choose among the different colors
      • Hex color: (Optional) insert a hex color code

Properties for Meta data & Open Graph

  • NEW! Open Graph - This is set up for nice sharing on Social Media
    • Title: Add some a Heading (Optional)
    • Description: Add a copy as description (Optional)
    • Image (1200x630 px): Add image (Optional)

Properties for Disclaimer

  • Enable disclaimer: Check of if needed. It shows as an overlayer on the page. (Optional)
  • Disclaimer heading: (Optional)
  • Disclaimer text: (Optional)
  • Disclaimer button text (Optional)

Properties for Settings

  • Shortcut: Here you can set a short cut to another page internally or externally.
  • ThemePageValue: Here you can change from Standard (left aligned) to Text center campaign. Once this is set all the text on the page will be center aligned. 

Adding content to a full-width block

Full-width blocks are containers used to store different types of content. For instance, you can place a basic content element inside a Full-width block, which allows you to add a headline, short blurb, and a button to your page.