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A day at the farm

Welcome to our farm

What a cool experience - being welcomed to a farm visit by the farmer himself. Who better to give a tour around the farm than Andy, who knows every hair on his cow’s backs. In fact, at Arla we open our farms and barn doors to hundreds of thousands of visitors every year, and everyone is welcome.

Who wants to see a cow?

Well, which kid wouldn’t want to see a cow? The big strong animal with the soft and calm personality, that provides so many good things to us humans.

They feel really really soft

Yes, cows feel really, really soft. And for a kid they feel warm and surprisingly big too. Seeing and touching a cow for maybe the first time is a big experience for any kid. And the cows actually don’t mind a little rub on the forehead either.

The milk - the milk's coming out!

It’s surprising for many to see how much milk one cow can deliver. And all the fancy equipment that is used in modern milking looks quite cool too. When milking on the farm is complete we rush the raw milk to the dairy where we carefully handle it and put it on bottles and cartons for you to pick up at your local store.

Cheese is made of milk

Yes, cheese is made of milk. Along with a whole lot of other delicious dairy products.

It’s a magical moment for kids to enjoy the fresh milk, from the cows they just padded inside the barn.

After seeing first hand where the milk comes from, kids and adult alike tend to appreciate all the goodness and care that has been put into the food a little more.

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