Packaging and waste

At the end of 2017 91% of all our packaging was designed to be recycled


To make our packaging more recyclable we limit the amount of mixed materials and help the consumer to separate the materials.

For products like cream cheese we use individual mono material parts, The cup and lid can be recycled as plastic (PP) and the inner foil as aluminium. This makes the whole container easy to separate and recycle.


Recycling of packaging not only requires that the packaging can be recycled but that there are well-functioning collecting, sorting and recycling schemes in place that allow for this.

We are involved in initiatives in some of our core markets (e.g. UK Courtauld) to reduce food waste and find solutions that help more of our packaging material to be recycled at both consumer and retail level.


In Denmark, Arla’s green milk crates are almost iconic. Everybody recognizes the crates, and many use them privately, as they are both robust and practical.

However, this alternative use, together with boxes getting worn out, means that Arla produces 350,000 new crates each year. Through campaigns we encourage the Danes to return the crates to Arla and have in a year managed to get more than 100,000 reusable crates back in our system.


We have taken major steps to deliver towards our sustainability goals but we are not stopping here

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