Packaging and climate

At the end of 2017 we had reduced our greenhouse gas emissions by 25% compared to 2005


By using less material we reduce the carbon footprint of our packaging.

We have achieved significant reductions across our packaging materials, such as cheese packs, plastic bottles, milk cartons and outer pack card board. In UK we have taken 7500 tons of plastic out of our milk bottles.


By using recycled material we decrease the total carbon footprint of our packaging. One third of our packaging material are from recycled streams, especially on our secondary packs.

Recycled packaging in direct contact with food products needs to be certified as fit for use for food contact. In the UK we use up to 30% recycled HDPE plastic in our milk bottles.


By shifting from fossil based to renewable materials we lower the carbon footprint. Over half of our packaging material (including secondary packs) are from renewable sources.

All our organic fresh milk cartons are made from 99.9% renewable material. The last part is the printing color which we today do not have a solution for.


We have taken major steps to deliver towards our sustainability goals but we are not stopping here

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