Where we focus

Our research areas

Arla’s Strategic Innovation Centre focuses it's resources on five major research areas. These are:


Increase use of biodegradable material in packaging and reduce amount of energy and water in the production - in order to offer the consumer sustainable products.

New food forms

Constantly offer the consumer new, interesting food products and formats to provide novelty and deliver benefits in the most optimised manner.

Milk Power

Unleash the power of the nutrients of milk, strengthen its nutritional benefits and deliver the value of dairy products to human health and nutrition in order to offer the consumers wholesome and natural foods.


Maximise our usage of strains and cultures across categories to obtain significant breakthroughs to Arla – and to deliver radically new, interesting food items to the consumers.

Manufacturing efficiency

Ensure best in class manufacturing operations through engineering, process control and optimisation and lean operations in order to deliver high quality products at a reasonable price.