Ensuring mutual understanding

Our e-Sourcing principles

In Procurement, we want to ensure transparency and openness between purchasers and suppliers. And for that, we use eSourcing.

e-Sourcing supports us in having a simple and unified way of working and having clearly defined requirements for tender projects. We use our e-Sourcing tool, SAP Ariba, to automate our 6-step sourcing process and offer our suppliers a simple format for submitting data electronically

Arla Foods wants to support suppliers in improving their competitiveness. By trading electronically and pushing for new methods for traditional sourcing activities, we work towards the goal of reducing both time and costs related to tender participation while allowing easy accessibility and global coverage.

Therefore, we expect our suppliers to:

  • Become familiar with our e-Sourcing tool, SAP Ariba. It involves reading the provided guidelines and participating in our test for e-Auctions.
  • Respond to RFI, RFP and e-Auctions only through our e-Sourcing tool, SAP Ariba. 
  • Carefully go through requirements and specifications stated in the RFI, RFP or e-Auction and clarify all questions prior to participation.

Meeting these expectations will allow Arla Foods to ensure a fair and transparent negotiation process to all our suppliers.