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The e-Catalogue is an online ordering system, facilitated by SAP Ariba, that allows buyers inside Arla Foods to easily procure goods and services from a user-friendly platform. The e-Catalogue displays a selection of items with agreed prices that have been negotiated between Arla Foods and the supplier.

It is only our preferred suppliers that are considered suitable for having an e-Catalogue, and it will always be Arla Foods that decide whether an e-Catalogue should be included in the contract.

Step by step

Getting on board

What is in it for you?

The benefit of e-Catalogues

  • Ensures easy and fast order flow
  • Displays agreed prices and item descriptions 
  • Optimises invoice handling and payment flow
  • Promotes you as a highly relevant supplier
  • Presents your products on a user-friendly platform
Getting started

Creating an e-Catalogue

If a supplier is chosen to have an e-Catalogue, the supplier will be contacted by Arla Foods. The supplier will be trained in the system and asked to fill out a template. The template needs to be filled out, uploaded and published to create the e-Catalogue. 

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The next natural step

Updating an e-Catalogue

Our agreed prices and items must always be in the active e-Catalogue. Therefore, suppliers must keep e-Catalogues updated so buyers in Arla Foods can access the right items with the right descriptions at all times.

See the guides

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