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Press release
Aug 21, 2007 14:45

From October 1, 2007 Arla Foods UK will pay 25 pence per litre milk supplied by its supply group, Arla Foods Milk Partnership. This is a rise of 4.95 pence.

Press release
Aug 20, 2007 15:30

Milk producers who supply organic milk to Arla Foods will, from September 10, receive a total supplement of 0.50 DKK per kg milk. This represents an increase of 0.05 DKK.

Press release
Aug 16, 2007 14:00

Tim Ørting Jørgensen, 42, Director of Arla Foods' Danish market, has been appointed Group Executive Director with responsibility for the company's international markets. He also joins the Arla...

Press release
Aug 08, 2007 15:00

Arla Foods' Supervisory has today set a new target for the company's organic production in Denmark. More milk producers have expressed their interest in switching to organic production.

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