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Press release
Dec 22, 2000 14:42

Despite the butter surplus in international markets, 1999/00 was an excellent year for Lurpak.

Press release
Dec 15, 2000 16:01

Average milk production for Arla Foods’ Danish co-operative owners increased by 40,000 kg per year to 455,000 kg, stated MD Foods’ Chairman, Knud Erik Jensen, in his report to the Board of...

Press release
Dec 15, 2000 16:00

While Jens Bigum expressed his satisfaction with the dairy business, his assessment of the subsidiaries was more mixed. He was satisfied with the Swedish juice business, JO-bolaget, which achieved...

Press release
Dec 15, 2000 15:59

“The new company has got off to a good start and I believe that the co-operative owners in both countries are satisfied,” said Arla Foods’ Chairman Lars Lamberg when he opened Wednesday’s Arla...

Press release
Dec 15, 2000 15:56

With a net turnover of DKK 17,453 million for the half-year, 17.4 – 1.10.2000, the newly established Arla Foods posted profits of DKK 399 million. At Wednesday’s meeting of the Board of...

Press release
Dec 08, 2000 08:44

The Islamic festival of Ramadan, when strict fasting is observed from sunrise to sunset, is paradoxically a peak sales season for Arla Foods’ Saudi Arabian subsidiary. After sunset, family and...

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