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Sep 28, 1999 12:30

On Friday, the UK co-operative, Milk Marque, which handles supplies of raw milk to the British dairy industry, presented a plan for splitting the company up into three large regional companies. If...

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Sep 28, 1999 12:28

MD Foods' exports of dairy products to South East Asia have seen a 30 % increase over the past year. This is well above the average rise in Danish exports to the Asian market which totalled 17.1...

Press release
Sep 28, 1999 12:26

An organic version of the successful Lurpak Spreadable has been launched in the UK under the name "Harmonie Organic Spreadable." The first multiple to list the product is ASDA, but MD Foods expects...

Press release
Sep 16, 1999 13:52

It's one of the pleasures of life - a fine bottle of red wine and some tasty Danish cheese. And it seems the Spanish agree wholeheartedly. At the annual wine festival in Valdepeñas - where Denmark...

Press release
Sep 06, 1999 10:59

On Monday last week, the French retail giants, Carrefour and Promodès, confirmed a merger which will turn the two groups into the world's second largest multiple with an estimated turnover of DKK...

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