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Jun 03, 2014 07:00

Across Europe, high-protein dairy products are a hit. Arla’s production of cottage cheese alone has increased by over 110 per cent in the last five years, and to keep up with demand, Arla is going...

Press release
May 22, 2014 14:08

Red meat, white buns and blue cheese. Burgers will be in all American colours now that Arla is making a concerted effort to take a bite out of the enormous burger market in the United States.

Press release
May 21, 2014 12:30

In order to establish a broader financing platform and to refinance parts of Arla’s existing bank debt, Arla has again given professional investors the opportunity to invest in the company through...

Press release
May 14, 2014 11:55

The merger between Arla Foods and EGM Walhorn has now been approved by the cooperative owners in both companies. The merger will add more dairy farmers to Arla in Belgium, Germany, and the...

Press release
May 13, 2014 15:50

Today, Arla’s Board of Representatives voted yes to the proposed merger with the Belgian cooperative, EGM Walhorn. Walhorn’s representatives will vote tomorrow.

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