​Castello® cheese enters Hollywood’s kitchen

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​Castello® cheese enters Hollywood’s kitchen
05 October 2015
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Castello cheese is set to launch a new global promotion campaign around its cameo appearance in the new movie “Burnt” starring Bradley Cooper and Sienna Miller, which will be released in theatres in October. The appearance is part of a promotion agreement between Arla Foods and The Weinstein Company that will see Castello exposed to millions of movie-goers and food-lovers around the world.

To get even a few seconds on the big screen in a Hollywood movie alongside blockbuster stars like Bradley Cooper, Sienna Miller and Emma Thompson is the dream of many actors around the world, but now that dream is about to come true for premium cheese brand Castello.

The Castello brand and Castello cheese is set to appear in the movie “Burnt”, in which Bradley Cooper plays a two-star Michelin chef named Adam Jones, who has only ever cared about the thrill of creating explosions of taste. In the movie, he sets out to land his own kitchen and that third elusive Michelin star with the best of the best on his side.

For Castello, being integrated into the movie paves the way for the largest ever global promotional push for Castello, aiming to boost business especially in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia and Scandinavia.

A match made in Hollywood
The producer of Castello cheese, European dairy company Arla Foods, entered an agreement earlier this year with the renowned, award-winning American film studio The Weinstein Company to motivate movie-goers to see the film in theaters and increase awareness and sales of Castello cheese.

Consequently, Castello is not only integrated naturally into the movie but also given the license to carry out promotional activities globally that will promote both “Burnt” the movie and Castello cheese.

"It’s always special to land your first role in a Hollywood movie. Castello is already a global and growing specialty cheese brand, but to feature in Burnt can be something of an international breakthrough for the brand as we know it has a documented effect on sales to have your brand feature in a movie of this size. It is part of our biggest ever promotional campaign to date as we aim to make Castello the number one specialty cheese brand in the world,” says Francesco Leone, vice president and responsible for the Castello brand in Arla Foods.

Coming to a theatre near you
Currently Castello cheese is sold in 80 countries around the world, with the biggest sales registered in Germany, Scandinavia and USA. As part of Castello’s appearance in the movie “Burnt”, the company behind Castello – Arla Foods – is rolling out a global campaign on markets in North America, Europe, Australia, Asia and the Middle East, focusing on the passion for creatively crafted food as displayed in “Burnt”.

“We will entice consumers around the world to be inspired by the story of Adam Jones and recreate delicious recipes and cheese boards using Castello cheese, which pay tribute to the movie. We will encourage foodies to join our campaign by giving them access to one-of-a-kind recipes and exclusive assets from the film,” says Francesco Leone.

“Burnt” opens in wide theatrical release on October 23. See the official trailer here.

For more info about The Weinstein Company and the movie “Burnt” go to www.weinsteinco.com

Facts about Castello cheese
-Castello cheese was first made in Denmark in 1893.
-Today Castello cheese is sold in 80 countries, with production in Denmark, Sweden and Germany.
-Among the most popular and bestselling Castello cheeses are Creamy Blue, Höhlenkäse, Danish Blue, Decorated cream cheese with pineapple, Havarti, Cheddar, and Creamy White.

For more info about Castello cheese go to www.castellocheese.com

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