Denmark's Finest excites American taste buds

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25 August 2006
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During the first six months of 2006, Arla Foods quadrupled its US sales of Danish havarti in 227 gram packs compared to last year. The range is sold under the so-called Denmark's Finest brand.

"For some product lines, we've recorded increases of more than 1,000 per cent over the past year," explains Lau Andersen, Product Manager for Arla Foods Inc. in the United States.
"This is far above expectations, and demand is now so great that we are out of production capacity and have to turn away customers."

Denmark's Finest has been Arla Foods' brand for yellow cheese in the American market for the past ten years. Only two years ago, eight varieties of havarti cheese were launched in new packaging. At the same time, marketing activity for the brand was refocused on consumers rather than on trade accounts as before. Sales have rocketed ever since.

"The new packaging is easy to open and re-seal, which has been a strong contributing factor to the success," says Lau Andersen.

"Consumers have been genuinely loyal to Denmark's Finest, and the brand sends all the right signals about an imported luxury product in the speciality cheese segment."

Overall, Arla Foods sells a total of 5,000 tons yellow cheese under the Denmark's Finest brand in the US every year of which havarti accounts for around 3,000 tons. Denmark's Finest targets consumers who are prepared to pay a premium for high quality.

"Apart from advertisements in lifestyle magazines, we've achieved results with the new products with relatively little marketing," says Lau Andersen.

"Undoubtedly, it was to our advantage that the brand had already been established for several years when we launched the new havarti range."


  • The new havarti products are sold in 277 gram (8 oz) packs.
  • The range comprises 8 varieties: Plain, Plain light, Dill, Dill light, Herbs & spices, Jalapeno, Caraway, Chives.
  • Plain and Dill are the most popular, but Jalapeno has achieved significant results in areas with a large Hispanic community.
  • Arla Foods Inc. has a sales office in New Jersey, and a dairy in Hollandtown, Wisconsin. The business employs more than 100 people.
  • Arla Foods Inc. markets the brands Denmark's Finest (yellow cheese), Rosenborg (blue cheese), Mediterra (feta), Dofino (havarti, edam and gouda from the dairy in Wisconsin), and Lurpak (butter).

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