Arla breaks new ground in Canada

20 December 2006
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For the first time ever, blue cheese is being produced in Canada – and Arla Foods is behind the historic event. The first products arrived in stores recently.

”We have very big ambitions for growth,” says Doug Smith, CEO, Arla Foods Canada. ”But to achieve our aim of doubling sales of blue cheese, we need to combine our imports of cheese with local production.”

The production of the 3kg Danablu 50 started a few months ago at Arla’s dairy in Atwood and some  weeks ago, the first products arrived in stores. The event not only marked a historic first for locally produced blue cheese in Canada, but also represents the first time Danish Blue is produced outside Denmark’s borders. Not surprisingly, the project has been given the name ”Project First”.

The local production also opens up new import opportunities. As Danablu 50 wheels no longer needs to be imported from Høgelund Dairy in Denmark, the Canadian import quotas can be used for other imported products to further strengthen the Canadian subsidiary’s core positions and focus.
Plant manager at Atwood Dairy Morten Pedersen and technology manager at Hoegelund Dairy Niels Kyed with the very first blue cheeses being produced in Canada.

”First and foremost, we can import more branded value added blue products from Høgelund, e.g. the successful Rosenborg new table packs and blue with pear and cranberries. The reallocation of the import quotas also provides us with an opportunity to increase our focus on Danish specialty cheeses such as Buko and Apetina,” says Jens Kauffmann, Marketing Director, Arla Foods Canada.

Arla Foods is the undisputed market leader in the blue cheese segment in Canada. The aim is to double the current volume within the next five years.

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