Pioneering company celebrates its quarter century

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27 May 2005
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Denmark Protein in Nr. Vium, Denmark, one of the Danish dairy industry’s high-tech plants, celebrated its 25th anniversary on Monday, 23 May.

”Danmark Protein marks a milestone in the Danish dairy industry,” said Finn Simonsen, Director of Denmark Protein and the factory’s manager from 1988 to 1999. “New technology was used here for the first time to pre-proces whey and we also led the way in terms of quality management in the food sector.”

In an anniversary publication, Finn Simonsen and other past managers review the plant’s history while current plant director, Hans Jørgen Lauridsen, looks ahead.

”We must remain at the leading edge of product development within our field,” says Hans Jørgen Lauridsen. “It’s vital for us to access new market areas and to be able to meet the new requirements from our customers. We certainly need to maintain the pioneering spirit which has characterised Denmark Protein since its inception.”

From animal feed to valuable products
Denmark Protein receives whey from the majority of Arla cheese dairies in Denmark as well as from Arla Foods’ Kalmar and Falkenberg dairies in Sweden and from the Swedish dairy company, Skånemejerier. The whey is pre-processed into protein concentrate and milk sugar at the factory and over time, the products have become increasingly more specialised.

Before the factory started up production, the whey was driven back to the farmer from the cheese dairies and used for animal feed. However, when, in the 1970s, cheese production expanded enormously, the amount of whey became an environmental issue. At the same time, however, scientists discovered that whey contains several valuable products, i.e protein, which could be better exploited. Denmark Protein was, therefore, created for the dual purpose of solving an environmental problem and maximising the use of milk.

Denmark Protein in figures

  • In 2004, 666,630 tons whey were weighed in at Denmark Protein, equating to around 2 billion kg whey were it not concentrated at the dairies.

  • The whey is pre-processed into 250-280 tons whey protein concentrate per week and 330-380 tons milk sugar and minerals per week.

  • Denmark Protein produces in the region of 140 product lines, i.e. 56 whey protein concentrate products, 13 permeate/lactose products and approx. 70 functional milk protein products.

  • Number employees: 176

  • Approx. 95% of production is exported to the EU, Japan and USA

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