Arla Express milk reaches the summit of Mont Blanc

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10 July 2003
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On Saturday, two Arla Foods executives succeeded in their attempt to bring one litre of Arla Express milk to the summit of Europe’s highest mountain, Mont Blanc, within 21 hours of the milk having been tapped at Christiansfeld Dairy in Denmark.

”Standing at the summit, surrounded by snow-covered peaks under a clear blue sky, was a real experience,” said Head of Department, Lars Brødsgaard, from Arla Foods Home Market division.
Together with Business Unit Manager in the Denmark Division, Michael Broch Hansen, Lars Brødsgaard had conceived the idea of bringing a carton of milk from Denmark to the top of Mont Blanc within 24 hours to create publicity for the fact that Arla’s liquid milk in the Danish market is delivered to stores within 24 hours of leaving the dairy.

The milk carton arrived at the French Alps after a long, but fast, trip from Denmark to Chamonix after Dairy Manager Jørgen Greve and two colleagues received the carton at around 5 pm on Friday and handed it over to Brødsgaard and Michael Broch Hansen 12 hours later.
Subsequently the two mountaineers carried it to the summit after a 7 hour climb.
The climb, however, was not without drama. Shortly after the start Michael Broch Hansen fell into a crack in a glacier. Since he was linked to Brødsgaard and two mountain guides by a rope, however, he suffered no injury and could continue shortly afterwards.
Two hours from the summit, however, Michael Broch Hansen had to give up due to altitude sickness and Lars Brødsgaard had to continue, partnered by the Danish Mount Everest climber Asmus Nørreslet. They reached the summit shorttly before 2 pm.

As for the milk?
”I drank it on the way down,” said Lars Brødsgaard. ”It tasted wonderful – and it was very cold. Now he is considering other challenges that may generate further awareness of Arla milk. Bringing a carton to the summit of Mount Everest, however, is not one of them.

Head of Department Lars Brødsgaard of the Denmark Division(left) and mountain guide Asmus Nørreslet (right) completed their mission: To bring one litre of fresh Arla Express milk to the top of Mont Blanc within 24 hours after it had been tapped at the dairy in Denmark.

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