Nr. Vium Dairy slicing cheese round-the-clock

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22 November 2001
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Nr. Vium Dairy in West Jutland is currently operating at full capacity to meet the huge demand for sliced cheese in Germany.

To accommodate five new slicing and packing machines, a 3,500m² hall was opened earlier this year. Now staff are currently running-in the five new production lines in a 7 day week operation.

In just two years, the Nr. Vium cheese dairy has been transformed into a large supplier of sliced cheese. The first slicing line was installed in 1999 and by March 2002, the dairy will be running a total of six lines.

Nearly one third of the annual production of 30,000 tons havarti, esrom and port salut are now sliced at the dairy.

Nr. Vium also receives cheese for slicing from other Arla Foods’ dairies, including Götene, Klovborg and Vellev.

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