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20 August 2001
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Last week saw the launch of two new Gaio branded products in Sweden. Gaio fil (junket) and Gaio yoghurt drink are the result of advanced research within Arla Foods Innovation and Environment in Sweden.

Both products contain the bacteria culture, Lactobacillus F19, which has a positive effect on the stomach’s bacteria balance. Arla Foods Sweden has been conducting research into Lactobacillus F19 for over 10 years and holds the world patent rights for the use of the culture in food.
With the new Swedish products Gaio will be Arla Foods’ main brand for health-promoting products.
While Gaio in Sweden now comprises the new fermented products as well as a blended product with omega 3 fatty acids, Gaio in Denmark continues to be known for a range of fermented products containing the Causido culture. The potential for using Lactobacillus F19 in equivalent products in Denmark is currently being examined.

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