No Y2K problems at MD Foods

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05 January 2000
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MD Foods' production equipment at the dairies as well as the Group's computer systems managed the transition to year 2000 without being affected by the so-called millennium bug.

"Everything went well," says Dan Kolding, Chairman of MD's Year 2000 technology project group. "We haven't received a single report of Y2K problems for any of the dairies."
IT Manager Leif Jensby, Chairman of MD's Year 2000 administrative project group has also reported a problem-free New Year.
"Nothing took us by surprise. There were one or two minor matters to sort out – a date was wrong in a system – but we knew about this beforehand. When I realised that essential services such as electricity and telephones were unaffected in New Zealand and Australia, I knew that we wouldn't have any problems."
Leif Jensby and Dan Kolding both regard the smooth transition as a clear indication that technology and computer staff at the dairies and at the administrative departments have done an excellent job to implement the required changes and adjustments.
Although there has been some criticism of the computer industry for having over-reacted to the transition to the Year 2000, Dan Kolding and Leif Jensby both agree that MD Foods did not overreact to the problems or expend unnecessary resources on preventing possible problems.
"My impression is that most of the Year 2000 problems were real enough. I also believe we only spent time on what was necessary to prevent problems," says Dan Kolding.

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