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12 April 2000
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The new Arla Foods' Board approved the formation of two new divisions at a meeting in Århus on Tuesday. The first of the two new divisions, the Sweden Division, which will operate along the lines of the existing Denmark and UK Divisions, will be responsible for sales, marketing and distribution of all dairy products in Sweden as well as for production of liquid milk and fresh products for the Swedish market. Headquartered in Stockholm, the Sweden Division will be headed by Hans-Åke Hammarström, the current Director of Arla Mejeri (Arla Dairy).

Peder Tuborgh, at present Sales and Marketing Director of MD Foods' Home Market Division, has been appointed Director of the Denmark Division.
David Salkeld retains responsibility for the UK division based in Leeds.

Hans-Åke Hammarström, Divisional Director Division SwedenPeder Tuborgh, Divisional Director, Division Denmark David Salkeld, Divisional Director, Division UK
New Production Division

One other important change is the formation of a Production Division with responsibility for production of butter and cheese for both export and domestic markets in Sweden and Denmark. The new division will be headed by Jens Refslund, MD Foods' Europe Division's current Director.
Finally, a new division will be set up for handling relations with co-operative owners, the transport of milk from producers, inter-dairy transport and the distribution of milk to production plants. This division will be headed by Finn Bitsch, previously Group Director of Arla. Finn Bitsch will perform a double function, which is expected to be permanent.
Under the old MD structure, transport of milk was an independent division. Present Divisional Director in MD Foods, Jørgen Lyngsø, will continue as head of milk collection in Denmark.
The other divisions are:
The Europe Division with responsibility for sales, marketing and distribution for other European markets and Eastern Europe. In contrast to MD Foods' current Europe Division, responsibility for the export dairies is transferred to the new Production Division except for production in Poland. Kolding Export Terminal will also remain within the division. Torben Olsen, previously Director of MD Foods' German subsidiary, will become Director of the Europe Division.
Based in Copenhagen, the Overseas Division, will operate as before, with Finn S. Hansen as Divisional Director. This means that production in Saudi Arabia, Brazil and licence production in the US and Canada will also lie with the Overseas Division.
The Ingredients Division, too, will have the responsibility for production of condensed products both in Denmark anf Sweden, global sales and marketing. AM Foods and Biolac also belong to this division. Peter Lauritzen remains Divisional Director.

Jens Refslund,DivisionalDirector,Division Production Finn Bitsch,DivisionalDirector,Division Members/TransportTorben Olsen, Divisional Director,Division Europe Finn S. Hansen,Divisional Director,Division Overseas Peter Lauritzen,Divisional Director,Division Ingredients

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