Different career paths

Working at Arla

Today, Arla Foods is the 5th largest dairy in the world and the 4th largest dairy when measured on milk intake. We are a co-operative company owned by dairy farmers.

We pursue an ambitious growth strategy and we sell products in more than 100 countries. For you, our growing influence on the global market means that you can choose between several different career paths. You will have plenty of opportunities to realise your professional ambitions - whatever they may be.

We have a high employee satisfaction and are proud of our company. Most likely we also have a job that is just right for you. Vacancies

Farmer owned

Cooperative democracy

12,256 (Jan. 2013) milk producers in Denmark, Sweden, Germany, The UK, Luxemburg and Belgium are joint owners of Arla Foods. The company takes the form of a representative democracy with one vote for each cooperative member...