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The F15® Graduate Programme is a fast track leadership programme that includes 3 different 8-month rotations. Each rotation will be in a new business area and location where you will get to work on high profile projects while growing your strategic and functional skillsets.

Being part of our graduate programme means that you will join assigned leadership training camps in different markets, focusing on leading yourself, leading change, leading others and driving business. In addition, on-the-job as well as functional training will be closely linked to your role in the organisation. Lastly, you will receive coaching and mentoring to ensure your professional growth and support throughout your journey with Arla. Here, you are not just part of Arla, but you are part of an extraordinary network with your fellow graduates and colleagues accompanied by an exceptional support system.

You will learn how to navigate in an international and diverse organisation with numerous stakeholders and many types of challenges. You will be given responsibility from day one and the opportunity to influence people and projects to make your effort count. 

A unique development framework 

We are passionate about accelerating your career on the job and through competence development. Once selected as an F15®, we are ready to invest in your potential to hold a key position within Arla Foods in the future. We offer you the best possible framework for this journey and regular feedback on your performance will keep you on track. All graduates will start their journey in our headquarters in Viby, Denmark and will further be send to at least one other location, depending on Arla’s strategic focus at the given time and the individual’s career ambition. 

Ambassador in a global workplace 

When you join us, you will become part of a global workplace with more than 19,000 outstanding employees operating in 33 different countries on 5 different continents. You will be included in a diverse group of equally talented graduates and you will build a unique network with fellow graduates, colleagues and decision makers. 

Completing the F15 Graduate Programme makes you capable of achieving great things and creates the path for your leadership career in Arla Foods. You will be able to build a great career while working with FMCG dairy products that provide confidence, inspiration and wellbeing to millions of consumers all over the world every day. 

With the F15® programme you provide the talent, effort and determination and we provide the best environment and learning opportunities for you to develop and become a future leader in Arla. 


Do you want to know why our current graduates decided to join the F15 Graduate Programme? Read their motivation below: 


I was looking for a graduate programme in a global company that will give me the opportunity to learn and develop internationally. Arla’s emphasis on building and grooming its future leaders also attracted me to a great extent. Moreover, the rotational nature of job functions and locations fitted my desire to explore and challenge myself. 

I also really admired the well-defined structure and organization of the programme. Lastly, the established and proven history and results of the F15 programme really convinced me. 


The reasoning behind my choice to apply for the F15® Graduate Pro-gramme is threefold. Firstly, unlike many other traineeships, this pro-gramme offers me the chance to work on projects across a wide range of functional areas such as Marketing, Finance and HR. 

Considering the fact that I have not yet figured out what direction to go into, I see this as a great opportunity to be exposed to and learn about a variety of areas. 

Secondly, it is unique in that it is one of the few graduate schemes that is truly international. Having studied International Business, this was one of my priorities when making a shortlist. 

Thirdly, Arla puts a great emphasis on training and support. In addition to getting assigned a buddy, a mentor and a professional coach, we will have several training modules focused on leadership development. All in all, I believe the F15® Graduate Programme will allow us to grow fast and make a real impact! 

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