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What happens when two people are always right?

We are sitting in the front of our rented Peugeot on our way to Skagen for a weekend trip together with the other summer interns. Oscar is complaining about Josefine’s poor taste in music and Josefine is complaining about Oscar’s poor driving. Maybe two of the most stubborn interns shouldn’t have been put together in the same car.

Published: August 11, 2017 by Josefine Jacobsson & Oscar Lindgren

Why is it then that two bickering interns decided to write this blogpost together? After our weekend away we took part in a personal development day at Arla for the summer interns. Each of us individually presented our strengths and weaknesses. Hearing about our similarities, the manager leading the workshop pointed out that the two of us would have troubles working together. Both being incredibly competitive, our response was: challenge accepted!   

As it turns out, not only do we have similar personalities, but also similar pasts. We’ve both lived abroad in numerous different countries for a total of 14 years, studied at Lund University, worked at Lunicore Student Consulting, have two siblings, born the same year and now we are both summer interns at Arla in Aarhus. It is a good thing we look nothing alike or people might start confusing us as the same person! We realized that our similarities could explain why we both consider Arla a great fit for us.

Josefine’s Arla Story
I am working within the Future of Dairy Incubation Entity (FODIE) with a new sports and nutrition brand that will be launched in a few weeks. I have a genuine interest in health and I enjoy working in a high-speed environment so this department suits me perfectly. The new brand functions similarly to the way a start-up would, it is fast paced and very exciting. My manager and team has given me plenty of responsibility, the opportunity to influence future products and allowed me to take part in the decision-making of the brand. Even though, I’m only here for the summer, I feel like I am part of the team and that my contributions are valued. This feeling of involvement is one of the primary reasons as to why I am enjoying the summer internship.

Oscar’s Arla Story
I am working in the Finance department within the Danish division, programming new tools to optimize the pricing process. It is a very exciting work since it’s very hands on and relatable due to it having a directly relatable to the local market and customers. What I like most about this assignment is that it has been very clear what impact my work will have on the day to day operations within the department which makes it a great motivator as it is very tangible and directly convertible to both time and money savings. Working within the Danish division is also great as the work has given me a good understanding of Arla’s operations on a more hands down level.

Valuable Traits At Arla?
Our similarities have provided us both with traits we believe are useful at Arla. We have a global mindset given our international history, we both enjoy carrying a lot of responsibility and we never back down from a good challenge. If you are thinking of applying, these are traits that we believe are useful for the Summer Internship – maybe you possess them as well?

We will of course continue to shadow each other’s behaviors, Josefine is moving to Oslo this fall and Oscar recently returned from an internship there. We won’t be taking any road-trips together anytime soon, however we do consider this completed blogpost to be evidence that we can work well together. Not a surprising outcome though, seeing as we are two people who are always right.

Josefine Jacobsson & Oscar Lindgren

Name: Josefine Jacobsson
Position: Summer Intern
Period: June-August 2017
Location: Denmark
Department: Business Development

Name: Oscar Lindgren
Position: Summer Intern
Period: June-August 2017
Location: Denmark
Department: Finance, Denmark