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The Life of an F15

A couple of months into my rotation, it is now time for a blog post regarding how things have been going. I am located in Aarhus in our HQ, working in Corporate HR on Diversity & Inclusion. I am developing a strategy paper that meets Arla’s needs but also our prospective employees, like you, wants.

Published: November 24, 2016 by Ines Jorge Marques 

Life as an F15® means you will be given a lot of responsibility. The projects we are assigned reflect the direction the business is taking and each and all of them are in the top management strategic agenda. You will feel empowered to make important decisions on your own, which at times, can be scary as well.  

Life as an F15® means friendships. When you move to a different country, or a different city, you will have to renew your circle of friends. Even if you already know people there, which you probably will, it is key to develop the network of friends and acquaintances in the working environment and the F15® community. This is exciting and you will have a lot of different experiences and cultural exchanges. Here in Aarhus in my first rotation, one of our favourite get together is the pub quizzes, where we go every week! We haven’t reached first place yet, but that is our goal until April! Moreover, you will also have the chance for F15® reunions all over Europe. It’s a great bonding experience and it strengthens the ties between the F15s who are spread around the world.

Life as an F15® means a lot of work. Despite the amazing work life balance that Arla provides us, there are days where you work 12-14h, or weekends. Get ready for the unexpected, accept that some things must be dealt with right away and that some projects simply imply long working hours for a couple of weeks due to deadlines. However, you can balance this by working some days from home, leaving early if you have appointments or if you are travelling somewhere and enjoying the great environment at Arla Foods.

Life of an F15® mostly means one thing: FUN. Never forget to have fun, to embrace this opportunity and take the most out of it. The F15® Graduate Programme is an amazing network of support and people. Having the chance to experience working in a multicultural environment and to live in three different places, which will be divert from your own reality, is thrilling, scary, and fun. It is a constant learning curve, and you should be like a sponge always soaking new information!

Now that the applications are open, what are you waiting for to be part of this amazing community?

Ines Jorge Marques

Position: F15® 2016 Team 
Period: 2016
Location: Denmark/China
Department: 1st Rotation: Diversity & Inclusion Project Developer, CCHR. Aarhus, Denmark. 2nd Rotation: Marketing & Innovation, Beijing, China