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My Summer Internship in Arla

I am Valériane from France and I am currently a Summer Intern at Arla. I would like to start this blogpost by saying that Arla's Summer Internship Programme is an amazing opportunity to challenge your professional skills and evolve in an international network of talented people.

Published: July 21, 2017 by Valériane Guéguen

 I am very glad to be a part of it. If you have the opportunity to apply for it, do it!

As Summer Interns, we had the opportunity to visit a dairy and a farm. On Monday 10th of July (probably my favorite day of the internship), we were brought to a dairy and a farm not far from the headquarter in Aarhus, Denmark. We started the day with a visit at Rødkærsbro Dairy where 260 employees produce, among other things, mozzarella for Pizza Hut. This dairy works 24 hours a day and produces the equivalent of enough mozzarella to cook 3 million pizzas per day; it is a modern and big dairy! A short explanation of the business as well as the production process, the milk composition and the products were given to us by a PTD Manager (Production Technology Development Manager). We then started the guided tour of the facility by following the product process. We first started with the production, then the packaging department and then the storage. It was really impressive to witness how everything is automated and efficient. We learnt that it only takes 6 hours from the milk is received from the farmer to the mozzarella is ready and packaged. For lunch we had pizzas made with the mozzarella produced there, they were really tasty!

After lunch we went to an Økologisk Farm. This farm gathers 150 cows that are milked twice a day every day. I was really surprised as I expected a much bigger farm. Some years ago I went to Indiana in the US and there I visited a 1000-cow farm and it was really huge. This farm was not like this at all, it had a human size, cows had a lot of space inside and outside and there were a lot of calfs.

The two farmers taught us a lot of interesting things about cows; how happy cows are when the winter ends and they can finally return to the field, how being an organic farm changes the process… At the end of the afternoon, we ended up in the milking room where 24 cows can be milk at the same time. It was quite familiar to me as I spent one month during the summer 2014 in the US in an organic farm in New Mexico and there I was in charge of milking the goats.

So now I can say that the process of milking the cows is quite similar to the one of the goats. I am becoming a specialist :).

All of us were very blessed to be part of this one-day journey, it is not often that you have the opportunity to visit a dairy and a farm.

Valeriane Lisa-Lou Gueguen

Position: Summer Intern
Periode: June-August 2017
Location: Denmark
Department: Global Talent Management, Human Resources, Aarhus, Denmark