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My Summer as a Marketing Intern

Although the Arla brand is not very present in my home country Spain, I do know Arla's reputation for being a good employer. At the moment, I am considering where to work as I am about to finish my Master's and Arla is the kind of company that truly invests in the employee which I appreciate a lot.

Published: August 16, 2016 by Sarah Naipal

As an intern and even before becoming one, Arla always treats me as a professional and a capable person. Once I started my internship, I was given full responsibility of a project that is entirely steered by myself. My manager contacted me in advance to know me better in order to give me an interesting and suitable project for me. Arla actually likes to push its interns out of their comfort zone, giving them the possibility to discover non-familiar departments. In my case, I was given a position in Marketing which is actually my field so I felt blessed. I got to enjoy the dairy industry from the perspective I know best and was able to quickly integrate in the department.

Nevertheless, I did not stay in my comfort zone. My manager resulted to be located in Copenhagen whereas I am located in Aarhus. Not a big deal with the current technologies available for communication but it does need some extra skills to perform correctly in your job when you do not work face-to-face with somebody. This constraint at the beginning turned out to be a fantastic learning as future leaders are supposed to be flexible and able to work across boundaries.

In addition, I felt very lucky with the topic of my project. By coincidence or not, the assignment I received from my host manager was really attractive to me, because of personal curiosity and engagement with the topic as well as dimension of the project. I am fully in charge of conducting a research on a European level for lactose-free milk and afterwards recommend what kind of category repositioning would suit best to the changing behavior of current consumers. I am now about to finish my research and will start to prepare my final presentation. I cannot wait to tell my team all the newest trends and insights I have been collecting and how the current landscape of lactose-free looks like. During this time, I have been digging into very interesting information and I have learned a lot, not only about lactose-free but the dairy industry in general.

To conclude, I would like to add that Aarhus is totally amazing and lovely. I quickly became familiar with this city and I am now almost sad for having to leave. Together with Arla, this place is absolutely where I want to be. So – hopefully – until the next blog post!

Sarah Naipal

Position: Summer Intern
Period: June-August 2016
Location: Denmark
Department: Marketing, Aarhus, Denmark