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Me and my buddy

I hope you can feel that all of us F15's truly value the unique selling points of the program that are widely known. In this post, I want to tell you about a more inofficial part of the support we are given in the program: the F15® buddy program.

Published: May 27, 2016 by Gunnel Bildt 

Like in most companies, a lot of contact points come naturally in your everyday job. In the case of an F15, you also have the other amazing F15’s in your batch to share and interact with, a lot of support from the F15® program management, as well as various relocation services when going abroad. All in all, a lot of people to rely on already.

An F15® buddy is someone from the batch above you, who is simply assigned to you as a point of contact. Part of the beauty of this setup is that apart from the pairing of buddies, there is nothing decided – only exactly what you and your buddy want to make of it yourselves.

To help me explain, I took some help from my buddy Kilean Watson, who is from the F15® 2014 batch, when he happened to be passing through Aarhus for a couple of days (and we met face to face for the first time after eight months of video calls!).

Kilean, tell us what you’re up to at the moment!

“I am currently doing my third rotation working with building up a Foodservice business in our Madrid office. So far, the business case is going well – now it’s time to start going out to potential customers and consumers and start selling!”

Great, good luck! What is being a buddy about to you?

“Essentially, it means getting a friend without doing the work. A buddy is someone to talk to, and someone to trust. As a buddy, I never evaluate or judge you, and I answer your questions in confidence. It’s also a good excuse to connect the F15® generations!

I am also a very social person, which means I gladly help you connect with people that I know. A lot is about the network you have, and having a buddy builds a bigger one!

In the end, the buddying is of course also about whether you “click”. In our case, as long as you want to “use” me, I’ll be here!”

… and he is there! For me, informal conversations with Kilean, about everything from career planning within Arla to how to get around in Aarhus, has been very valuable. As Kilean mentions, the buddying has also been shaped by our personalities; for me, getting advice from the super-extrovert Kilean on how to network has been an eye-opener and helped me a lot already.

For the new F15® batch of this year, we will be making some minor changes to extend the program. If you are one of them, you can expect to hear more during the summer…

So – I hope I have given you more insight into one of the ways you are supported throughout the F15® program. For me, it has also given me a friend to keep!

Gunnel Bildt

Position: F15® 2015 Team
Period: 2015
Location: Finland/Denmark/Kuala Lumpur
Department: 1st Rotation: Project Manager, Business Development, Consumer Finland, Helsinki, Finland. 2nd Rotation: Certified Responsible Sourcing, Global QEHS, Aarhus, Denmark. 3rd Rotation: Incubation, deliver kids products and digital platform, Kuala Lumpur