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A chance to grow your career right from the start – The GROW Graduate Programme

Many have probably heard of Arla’s Future15 Graduate Programme, but did you know that Arla actually offers several different Graduate Programmes all with different focus areas? If your curiosity is spiked, and you are interested in learning more about a very specialized graduate programme that Arla offers, read on.

The programme
The GROW Graduate Programme is a 2-year programme located in one of Arla’s biggest markets, i.e. the Danish market. The programme has a functional focus meaning that you get to work within one specific field all throughout the 2 years. This allows you to obtain a very deep and specialised knowledge within e.g. finance, sales or marketing. You will work with different areas within the field you are assigned to as you will have two 1-year rotations in different departments, which ensures that you will get insight from several work areas. The programme is therefore very diverse, even though it is a specialised Graduate Programme. During the programme, regardless of your functional area, you still get a broad insight into the organisation. This is essential for you to excel in the job as you will soon find out that all the different functions are related, and marketing cannot excel without sales and finance and vice versa. This is also reflected in Arla’s Good Growth strategy: To succeed – and we want to succeed – we need to work and win as ONE Arla.

This is almost all of us. In January this year, we started 6 new GROW Graduates in Arla Denmark; 3 in sales, 2 in marketing and 1 in finance.

What does it mean to be a GROW Graduate?
To put it simple: responsibility. From the first day in the job, you will have a huge responsibility as either a brand manager, finance partner or key account manager. You will be in charge of your own projects, and you are expected to drive growth. To do this, you need to interact with many internal and external stakeholders, which means you will have to quickly build your network within the Arla business.

As a first step in building your network and getting to know the business, the GROW Programme starts out with a thorough 1-month induction where you get extensive insights. You get to spend time driving around with field sales to understand the customer dynamics, you learn about the issues customers are facing in customer operations, and you get an understanding of how much work goes into ensuring our products’ survival in sales and customer marketing. You will also experience the “Arla Day”, where you see and participate in the milk’s journey from cow to consumer.

As part of our induction, we also spent an evening together in Karoline’s Kitchen, where we made a three-course meal that we later got to enjoy ourselves. It was a great way to get to know each other and work with some of the many products that Arla offers.

My rotation
The induction sets the initial mark on a 2-year journey in Arla after which you start up your rotation in either Marketing, Sales or Finance. My rotations will be in Marketing, where I start out in the Cooking category. The focus for my first rotation is learning about category management, and I will therefore be involved in many different tasks. I will spend my time being brand manager for cooking products within the Cheasy and Lactofree brands, drive our Youtube channel and continuously develop new content, lead a campaign on cream with a digital and influencer focus, take part in New Product Development, drive e-commerce in the category – and the list goes on 😊

As you may be able to tell, you get exposed to a diverse range of tasks which means you get great insights into many aspects of marketing. This also implies that you will interact with many different parts of the organisation, and stakeholder management therefore becomes a key aspect of my first rotation. However, I am sure this will be very easy, as Arla truly is a very welcoming and helpful place to be. You will always be met with a smile, which makes it a great place to learn and grow – both personally but not least professionally.


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