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At Arla, we strive to unlock the highest potential in each other while working together to create the future of dairy. We believe, that one way to unlock this potential is by working together in diverse teams across cultures, age, nationality and so much more.

Therefore, we are proud of working with a large number of talented students and graduates who all have an extraordinary energy and drive and who constantly bring new professional as well as innovative ideas into our community. Hence, at Arla we have many great stories to be told. Below you can explore an extract of these stories including everythin from a graduate's first day in Arla to the experiences, challenges and learnings one meets along the journey - all told by our student assistants, interns and graduates.


This post is part of a series of blog posts made by students and graduates working at Arla. The blog is purely employer-driven and it is intended to offer “a look inside” for people considering if Arla might be relevant as their future employer. The opinions, statements and viewpoints expressed in the blogs by the various participants do not necessarily reflect the opinions, beliefs and viewpoints of Arla Foods or official policies of Arla Foods. 


Since my 1st rotation in Dubai I have had the opportunity to spend my 2nd rotation in our Corporate Strategy Execution Office in Viby, working with some of Arla’s top leaders & brightest strategists. It's time for an update, incl. a sneak peek into my 3rd rotation – so you know what awaits you!


A couple of months into my rotation, it is now time for a blog post regarding how things have been going. I am located in Aarhus in our HQ, working in Corporate HR on Diversity & Inclusion. I am developing a strategy paper that meets Arla’s needs but also our prospective employees, like you, wants.


“Why Nigeria?” is perhaps the most common response I got when I declared my intention of going to Nigeria as part of the F15® graduate programme. People didn’t quite get why one would opt to go to Nigeria from the comfort of Scandinavia and with the option to go anywhere else in the world.


Although the Arla brand is not very present in my home country Spain, I do know Arla's reputation for being a good employer. At the moment, I am considering where to work as I am about to finish my Master's and Arla is the kind of company that truly invests in the employee which I appreciate a lot.


I'm Bob den Hartog writing from my 1st rotation in Dubai at our regional Arla Middle East & Africa office! This time I’ll hopefully be giving you a good overview of why I chose the F15® graduate programme over other graduate programmes – as many of you are sure to have this dilemma.


Greetings from Arla Foods Ingredients, Nr. Vium; a dairy site producing ingredients for Infants, children, sports people, and elderly people. It is an enormous factory with milk silos, chimneys and spray drying towers pointing majestically towards the sky, like a Danish Manhattan.


I hope you can feel that all of us F15's truly value the unique selling points of the program that are widely known. In this post, I want to tell you about a more inofficial part of the support we are given in the program: the F15® buddy program.


Hello everyone! When I last met you, we had just finished our F15® training in Leeds. Lots has happened since then! We have all recently started our second rotations. This time, we are spread out again, with people in Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Egypt, UK, Nigeria and my new home: Bangladesh!

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