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At Arla, we strive to unlock the highest potential in each other while working together to create the future of dairy. We believe, that one way to unlock this potential is by working together in diverse teams across cultures, age, nationality and so much more.

Therefore, we are proud of working with a large number of talented students and graduates who all have an extraordinary energy and drive and who constantly bring new professional as well as innovative ideas into our community. Hence, at Arla we have many great stories to be told. Below you can explore an extract of these stories including everythin from a graduate's first day in Arla to the experiences, challenges and learnings one meets along the journey - all told by our student assistants, interns and graduates.


This post is part of a series of blog posts made by students and graduates working at Arla. The blog is purely employer-driven and it is intended to offer “a look inside” for people considering if Arla might be relevant as their future employer. The opinions, statements and viewpoints expressed in the blogs by the various participants do not necessarily reflect the opinions, beliefs and viewpoints of Arla Foods or official policies of Arla Foods. 


I am Valériane from France and I am currently a Summer Intern at Arla. I would like to start this blogpost by saying that Arla's Summer Internship Programme is an amazing opportunity to challenge your professional skills and evolve in an international network of talented people.


Hello everyone and welcome, dear F15s to Arla Foods. There will be a lot of learnings in your first rotation but maybe you could benefit from some of mine, especially in your first few weeks. So here goes:


If there is something I have learned during my first years of professional life is that the best opportunities, most of the times, come out of pure serendipity.


After finishing my studies, I was really excited to start working for Arla. As time flies by, I am now already 5 months in the F15® programme. Therefore, I would like to share some personal reflections upon the experiences I made so far.


I am now in the middle of my first rotation, working with the Marketing and Innovation team for Lurpak, located in our amazing Aarhus head office. I want to use this blogpost to highlight what is to me an unexpected highlight of my F15® journey so far – the sponsor programme.


In a country where Arla products are hard to spot, I know that I am not using our slogan the way that it is intended. But here in Gdansk, we also let in the goodness.


For those of you, who have applied for the F15® Graduate Programme: Congratulations on taking the first step towards a great career! The application time for any company is always filled with uncertainty and fear. A year ago, I was feeling the same sense of dread that you might be feeling now!


And there it is: after a great introduction week you are starting in your first rotation and get your first project. Several weeks ago you have received your project description, but… What will you be working on? Who will you be working with? Will it be fun? Where to start?

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