Grow with Arla

Commercial and retail management programme

Would you like to join Arla’s Sales organisation and get hands-on experience?​

This programme is for Master students studying MSc in Commercial and Retail Management at Aarhus Business School. ​

You can start as a Student Assistant and transition into an internship as you study at your third semester. Your tasks will relate to the daily operation in a modern sales organisation. You will get first-hand insights on the full value chain – within our retail customers, go on store visits and see the full Arla supply chain.​

Possible projects:​

  • Review and analyse the sales performance of the dairy category for a retailer and provide suggestions to optimize assortment and sales fundamentals​
  • Review the profile of shoppers across different retailers and identify specific focus areas on dairy that will meet the needs of the shoppers​
  • Set up a sales presentation on a certain product or campaign, which we will present to one of our retail customers​
  • You will likely also participate in meetings with our Key Account Managers and our retail customers.​ As an intern, you will be responsible for the delivery of your own project, which will be presented for the sales leadership team. During the autumn semester you will be likely invited for a 1 week long Sales Academy, which we run for newly hired sales colleagues.

We are currently looking for Student Assistants. You can read much more about the positions here. ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​

Grow with Arla

MSc in commercial and Retail Management

Arla is founding partner for a new Master's programme at Aarhus BSS