Getting the right talents

You are

To join the Production Management Graduate Programme you are eager to put your knowledge into action at a production site in one of Arla's core markets. You dream about becoming a future leader at a large production site where your contribution will make a significant impact on Arla's annual turnover and where you will strive to be a role model for the large number of employees working at the site.

You have a Bachelor's or a Master’s degree

If you are wanting a career in Innovation or Research & Development, this isn't the programme for you. Instead, we are looking for the production leaders of the future who have strong analytical skills and are able to perform in a fast paced, challenging environment.

You have completed or you will complete your Bachelor's or Master's degree before the Production Management Graduate Programme takes off - the next time presumably in September 2019. You have excellent grades on your exam papers and you have managed to complement your studies with an exciting part-time job, which, in one way or another, links in with your aspiration and wishes for the future.

Fluency in English is essential, however, if your primary location is in Denmark, Germany or Sweden then we also require relevant fluent language skills.

You are ambitious and open-minded

On one hand, you are ambitious, analytical and result-orientered. On the other, you are a curious and open-minded person who will take pride in working with high-quality dairy product on a global scale at one of our production sites. You learn fast and you are not afraid of asking questions. You enjoy the 'learning by doing' principle and taking lead is mostly fun when it means that others will follow with great motivation.