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Production Management Graduate Programme

Arla Foods is one of the world’s largest dairy companies, and we are welcoming talented technical graduates who possess the intellectual power, global mindset and innovative ambition to pursue an international career, at our productions sites. The purpose of the Production Management Graduate Programme is to ensure that we have the right talents to take over strategic positions at our production sites worldwide in the future.

Wide range of tasks that are critical to our daily operations 

The Production Management Graduate Programme will take you to 2 different European production sites where you will spend 18 months at your primary location (Denmark, Sweden, UK or Germany) and 6 months abroad; You will spend the first 6 months at your primary location, then enter a position for 6 months abroad whereafter, you will return to your primary site for the final 12 months. We will ensure that you get the right challenges at the right time to unfold your potential and show us what you have got.

During the programme you will be trained in leadership, strategy execution and process facilitation to enhance your performance and people skills and to boost your professional and personal development. 

Our former and current graduates have been working on projects closely connected to:

  • Optimisation possibilities within our production for working even greener and more cost-consciously
  • Facilitation of lean principles implementation 
  • Quality and process management
  • Projects to meet technical, production and logistical challenges 
  • Team management

On-the-job as well as formalised training will be closely linked to your role in the organisation. We will nurture your talent for becoming a future leader in Arla, and among other things, you will learn how to form high-performing teams. 

The application window for the 2020 intake of the Production Management Graduate Programme is closed. 

Performance review and the privilege of a sponsor

In the Production Management Graduate Programme you will have one-to-ones with a sponsor from the top management. Your sponsor will guide you in relation to your personal development plan and help you build strong networks with colleagues and decision makers. At the end of each rotation, your host manager will evaluate your performance and behaviour in the current position: Did you reach the objectives and how? This input will inspire you to work with your personal development plan, and bring attention to your strengths and improvement areas. To us, it is important that you build strong relations and keep an open mind while you create your career.

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