New challenges


Below you will find a list of previous Master's Thesis Topics offered by Arla. Please be aware that it is no longer possible to apply for these topics.

2016's Thesis Topics

01_STDKA_Students' Perception of Arla

02_MIFII_Agile Project Approach in an International Environment creating Symbiosis between IT and Business

03_MIFII_Big Agile

04_LBK_Cultural Study of Product Texture Preferences

05_MARNO_Perceived Health-related Consumer Benefits

06_JENEI_Energy & Water Optimization

07_SCHIR_Investigating the lactose-free 'trend' in Hungary

08_ANSOH_Brand Ambition: How can Arla create engaging digital content on social platforms?

09_INKJJ_Develop the Future Price Model for our Premium Lactose

2015's Thesis Topics

01 RAANS - Delivering impactful learning

02 MARPJ - Measuring the impact of Arla's young talent

03 STPAK - Competencies, Performance and Talent Data

04 CHLPE - Creating an understanding of product costs across the entire value chain

05 ANSOH - How to motivate our farmers to embrace the “Farmer-owned” message

06 ANNKL - Employer Branding for Experienced Candidates

07 HAUHR - Creating a Winning Culture

08 MARPJ - Intrapreneurship in Arla

09 STEJA - Project Management; How to Implement Agile Methods at Arla

10 FLLA - Communication from Arla to the Owners

11 FLLA - Assuring and Documenting Progress in Animal Welfare

12 FLLA - “Farmer owned"; Arla’s New Marketing Campaign

13 HABLI - Survey: Renewable Energy Produced on Dairy Farms

14 ARPR - Achieving Hign Performance in a Global Marketing Matrix Organisation

15 IVCAS - Understanding the Health Perception of Cheese Globally, and Exploring How We Can  Take a Proactive Approach in Defining it

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