F15 Graduate

Anita Kuziak

I’m originally from Poland and have so far lived in 5 different countries. My story with Denmark started in 2012 when I came to Aarhus to attend a business school (in Viby). I left Denmark in 2013 but came back 2018 to join the F15 Programme in Arla, also in Viby – about 50 meters away from the school I used to attend all those years back! Sounds like destiny to me. I enjoy travelling, learning about new cultures, studying languages and meeting new interesting people – conveniently the F15 Programme has allowed me to do all of these things!


How has the F15 Programme helped you grow your career?

I have acquired a lot of both hard and soft skills during the Programme. I had rotations in International Foodservice (Viby HQ & Arla Innovation Centre in Skejby), Strarbucks Ready-To-Drink coffee (Düsseldorf) and finally Marketing and Innovation (Beijing/Copenhagen). There was a lot of variety in what I did in the three periods which was a great way to challenge and prove myself. Ultimately the Programme has led me to my current role in Strategy. A great deal of what I have to offer to my team now has come from my time in the F15 Programme.



What has been your biggest challenge during the F15 Programme?

During the Programme I sometimes found it difficult to say ‘no’ to new exciting tasks. Since there wasn’t enough time to do it all, I struggled with completing everything on time and delivering top quality. I worked on my time management and prioritisation skills throughout the Programme and I can safely say that I’m in a much better place now (still trying to get even better at it though)!

What ‘s your next step?

Since August 2020 I’m a Business Development Manager in the Group Strategy team at Arla which is part of the wider Corporate Strategy & Transformation team. I’m involved in several high-stake top-priority projects, and supporting our Executive Management Team on different initiatives. Being surrounded by and working with so many great minds makes this an ideal learning environment for me and the learning curve is quite steep!

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