Which formal qualifications do I need?

A Master's degree within a field related to one of the tracks being Finance, Marketing and Sales.

When must I have graduated?

You need to be a recent graduate or you can have up to 24 months working experience - this means that you should have obtained your Master’s degree within the last few years or that you will graduate no later than January 2018.

What should I focus on in my application?

In your application you must convince us that your educational background, personality and leadership aspiration, are what we are looking for in order to become one of the best within your field.

When can I send my application?

You can apply from September 2017 and the application deadline is September 22nd 2017. If you are offered a position, you will start January 3rd 2018.

How do I send my application - by e-mail?

You apply using the links provided in the section "How to apply" and thereafter, you will be guided through our recruitment system.

How many positions are available?

We will hire 6 graduates for Arla GROW (two for each of the three tracks).

What should I attach if I have not yet completed my Master’s degree?

Please attach your Bachelor's and Master's (if you already have your Master's certificate) certificate and, if possible, a transcript of your latest exam marks.

What is the recruitment process after having submitted the application?

There will be online tests, video- and skype interviews and an Assessment day in Denmark on October 25th in 2017.  We expect employment contracts to be ready during November 2017.

Where will (geographically) the two locations be?

The GROW Graduate programme consists of two one-year rotations and during each rotation, you will be situated in Aarhus, Denmark.

Is it a requirement that I live in Denmark?

As the positions are in Aarhus, Denmark, it is a requirement that you live in a comfortable distance from Aarhus.

Is it a requirement that I speak Danish?

No, it is not a requirement that you speak Danish.

What is the salary?

Arla Foods pays a competitive market salary during the Arla GROW programme.

Am I guaranteed a job when I finish the Arla GROW programme?

We only hire the best for the GROW programme and once you have completed 2 years of on the job training and you have demonstrated the steep learning curve that we expect you to show us, you will be a strong candidate to many jobs across Arla. By then you will be working closely together with HR and your host managers to find the right next step in your future Arla.

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