Lead - Sense - Create

Our values

Lead, Sense & Create - Our company culture is defined by three values that characterise us in everything we do and say - regardless of where we work within Arla:

Lead: is about taking the lead, being in the driver’s seat in all our actions. It is about
being passionate, striving for leadership and identifying the highest potential in our
people, business and relationships.

Sense: is about perceiving our people, consumers and the world around us. It is about
showing integrity, having an open mind, seeing opportunities and high potential in
our people, business and relationships.

Create: is about developing and being creative in acquiring expertise, products and
market relationships. It is about creating and developing strong potential in our people,
business and partnerships.

We will create one global Arla

Arla's ambition is that all our 18,000 employees work from a strong common platform. We want to create one global Arla where we actively use each other's different competencies and, in so doing, contribute to our success.

Achieving our potential

Our strategy

We aim to develop our position as a leading global dairy company. 

Good farming

Arla is farmer owned

Dairy farmers own Arla. Our objective is to help them obtain the highest possible milk price. 

For a better world

Environmental Strategy

Our environmental strategy 2020 focuses on sustainable agriculture, greenhouse gas emissions, water, energy, and zero waste...

Farmer owned

Cooperative democracy

12,256 (Jan. 2013) milk producers in Denmark, Sweden, Germany, The UK, Luxemburg and Belgium are joint owners of Arla Foods. The company takes the form of a representative democracy with one vote for each cooperative member...


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