High performance

Our culture

Become part of a high performance culture. At Arla, we have great ambitions. When joining us you will become part of a company where growth is on the agenda and dynamics and changes are part of our daily work.

The profit we generate goes to our owners, the dairy farmers. Only by ensuring that we gain a high milk price for them, can we continue to have a strong dairy company with enough milk for our ambitions to make healthy, natural dairy products for millions of people around the world. This is a unique motivating force.

Our values are to be the best at what we do, listen to the world around us and find creative solutions. This is described in Our Character: Lead, Sense and Create  

You are seen as an individual

Apart from milk, people are our most important resource. We continuously focus on making the work day even better and on creating a good working environment for each other - both physically and mentally. We appreciate every individual and we strive to achieve  a healthy work-life balance for all.

You have freedom and influence
Being a part of Arla  you are given a high degree of freedom and responsibility, as well as the possibility to influence the development within your field.

We build our business on openness and employee influence. This means that you can  voice your opinion and expect to be heard.

You will meet talented leaders who challenge, develop and involve their employees. Our management principles are described in Our Leadership: Envision, Engage, Deliver

We review your well-being
Your satisfaction with Arla as a workplace, your well-being and your assessment of your leader are measured every year in our organisational survey, Barometer.

The results of the survey are discussed at management level and within the departments. Activity plans are then created  based on  the focus areas that have been agreed on in the department following the results generated.

The latest Barometer survey had an impressive response rate of 87 percent and in the course of the past years, the overall satisfaction index has increased from 52 to 70. This is an unusually high achievement for a production company with employees spread all over the world.

Our organisation

Did you know...

...that there are 15 dairy farmers and four Arla employees in our Board of Directors?

Lead - Sense - Create

Our Values

Our company culture is defined by three values that characterise us in everything we do and say - regardless of where we work within Arla...


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