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Meet Sirina

Innovation Manager in R&D

Sirina’s job in 3 words: Collaborative. Creative. Dynamic.

Sirina is originally from Australia and is educated in and has professional experience in food science and nutrition, which is what led her to the role she holds in Arla. Today, she lives in Denmark working as an Innovation Manager in Research & Development using the latest science and technology developments to drive product and process innovation.

Driving product development and efficiency ambitions

Sirina is part of a team of world class scientists who work across functions and markets to identify the right opportunities for R&D to make a difference in terms of product development and efficiency ambitions. “Besides building internal collaborations, we also work closely with external partners such as universities and suppliers to ensure we leverage as much knowledge as possible. Through these partnerships, we are involved in early stage concepts and new technology.”

Coupling the latest market insights with the right enabling technology, Sirina’s team contributes to Arla’s growth through new product developments and process optimisation. To give an example: this year, Sirina’s team launched a new process within cheddar cheese production in the UK. It reduces the time it takes for our cheeses to mature by up to 50 per cent while still maintaining the product’s great quality which customers value.

"Building our innovation projects on strong consumer insights and strategic business needs is key, as is utilising the knowledge of our scientists to ensure we find the best solutions possible."

Being an innovation-driven global citizen

Sirina strongly believes her work can have an impact which is why she is so passionate about driving the innovation agenda, while also growing as a colleague within Arla. Being part of Arla’s global talent accelerator programme, Sirina is advancing her functional and leadership skills to move forward to the next step in her career. Being a truly global citizen, she aims to enhance her work across markets, especially in Arla’s markets outside of Europe. She loves to take on new challenges and push innovation forward: “Success is not final and failure is not fatal. It’s the courage to continue that counts.”  

Career opportunities within Research & Development

  • Innovation Manager
  • Senior Research Scientist
  • Commercial Innovation Manager
  • New Product Development Manager
  • Research Technician
  • Application Scientist
  • Senior Application Manager

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