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Meet Sidsel

QEHS Manager

Sidsel’s job in 3 words: Enriching. Challenging. Fun.  

After completing her master studies in Dairy Science and Technology, Sidsel joined Arla as a process engineer in 2013. In this role, she was responsible for process optimisation projects in production and she also supported the production manager at one of the large dairy sites. In August 2016, Sidsel was offered new challenges as QEHS Manager at the Brabrand site where she pushes the agenda on quality, environmental, health and safety issues.

Ensuring quality and a responsible way of working

As these areas are becoming increasingly important and are anchored in Arla’s core strategy, Sidsel takes the lead in driving the Brabrand site in the right direction to ensure high quality products and a responsible way of working. “Responsibility is a matter close to my heart – in my personal and professional life. That’s why I am proud to work for a company that places so much importance on conducting business in a responsible way.”

 Moving forward with the support of her leadership team

Sidsel aims to explore different tasks and departments as she is eager to develop an in-depth understanding of how a big dairy site such as Brabrand functions. Her curious nature and the support of her leaders ensure that she continues to develop and grow her career at Arla. Shortly after joining Arla, Sidsel enrolled on a mentoring programme that enabled her to define her long-term vision and concrete next steps.

"The mentoring programme played a big role in how I have chosen to move forward in recent years. My leadership team not only supports me, but also invests in my future by enabling me to pursue my studies in organisation and leadership along side my day job."

Sidsel truly believes that continuously reflecting on and articulating your vision and dreams is essential, especially for young, ambitious people who are eager to grow.

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