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Meet Radoslaw

Radoslaw’s job in 3 words: Diversified. Fast-paced. Fulfilling.

Radoslaw joined Arla eleven years ago, during which time he’s held various job roles in the Global Shared Services in Poland with last one focusing on international transition projects in the field of finance. Being involved in several change processes has exposed Radoslaw to various challenges and a steep learning curve. After seven years spent working in the Global Shared Services, Radoslaw sensed it was time for a change which prompted his decision to move to Denmark to take on a new position as an IT project manager.

"Even though I did not have much experience in IT, my manager was very open to my ambitions. I remember him saying in my first interview that it is my attitude, hands-on approach and experience in running international projects that count the most."

Radoslaw values highly the open dialogue he had with his former and current leaders about his professional development, particularly the way they encouraged him to step outside his area of expertise and that they supported him to find the right path.

Being a daredevil and co-creating Arla's digital future

In his new role, Radoslaw has been involved in many different projects taking on variety of roles: managing test activities in Robofinance project (automations of transactional finance processes); managing a range of small and medium digital projects (one of them developing a mobile application for Swedish farmers), heading up Analytics Powerhouse Agile Release Train working with developing Analytics Applications used all around Arla and most recently joining a different Agile Release Train called iFit which is working with the core of Arla IT platforms also from hardware side. Since beginning of 2019 Radoslaw has taken on a lead role in iFIT and is making sure we get the most value out of more than 80 team members working hard to keep up with modern technologies developing around us and making use of those in our daily life at Arla.

When it comes to ways of working, Radoslaw is applying an agile concept. Working in an agile way is anchored in the idea of delivering value frequently in small chunks, learning and improving along the way. “It’s quite unique that we’re applying the Scaled Agile Framework to work with IT infrastructure. It gives us opportunity to adjust requirements on the fly an react fast on technology changes.

Living the collaborative spirit

What Radoslaw appreciates most about his work at Arla is the positive ’can-do’ attitude and action-oriented mindset of all his colleagues around the world. Radoslaw believes in building personal relationships as a basis for project success, which is the reason why he describes himself as “managing by walking”. Whenever he gets the chance, Radoslaw is meeting and talking to people from various functions so that he can get closer to potential stakeholders and to sense what is going on in the company.

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