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Global Business Partner for SC Support Functions (Engineering, QEHS, Finance, Production Optimisation and Strategy and Design)

Meet Kasper

Kasper's job in 3 words: Global. Collaborative. Opportunities.

Kasper’s first contact with Arla was as an external recruitment consultant getting insights into the Arla business landscape from ’the other side of the table’, and he was very impressed. In 2014, he joined Arla’s Talent Acquisition team, and recently he moved to his new role as Category HR Business Partner.

Facilitating HR processes in Supply Chain

In this position, Kasper is responsible for all HR processes within his area of responsibilities and leads the HR agenda together with the VPs of his SC areas. “I see myself as a facilitator. Together with my HR colleagues in the matrix, we are a team constantly striving to enable managers to perform at their best by ensuring we have the right set-up and provide the necessary support.

During his time as a consultant, Kasper worked on one project at a time. At Arla he has learnt how to navigate in a complex business environment in which it is essential to utilise the existing interconnections and collaborate with a variety of different stakeholders.

Being close to our passionate farmers and colleagues

Kasper believes that not everything can be planned in advance, including your career because personally we change and so do our circumstances.

"For me, it’s about grabbing the future. Here at Arla, there are plenty of opportunities for those who really want to contribute and make a difference."  

What motivates Kasper to give his best every day is to work in a company with a greater purpose that is so close to its skilled, passionate owners. He regularly evaluates his own efforts by asking himself: “If I met a farmer on the street, can I be proud and confident about my work and the value that I add for our owners?” 

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