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Meet Bouke

Senior Manager Logistics Development

Bouke’s job in 3 words: Challenging. Diverse. Improvements.

Bouke van Hamersveld has been working at Arla for eight years. He began his career in the Netherlands where he gained valuable experience in the fields of customer logistics warehouse operations and supply chain planning. After broadening his perspective and developing managerial skills, Bouke moved to Germany to take the role of warehouse operations manager. Today, Bouke is a logistics development manager.

Finding cross-functional solutions that have an impact

In this position, he is responsible for cross-functional projects in his logistics team, which includes optimising logistic footprints, transportation and planning processes, and setting up new warehousing structures. “My expertise may lie in logistics, but I strive to find cross-functional solutions that have an impact on the business as a whole.” Together with his team, Bouke aims to provide a more flexible, transparent logistics network and establish the right cost level in the supply chain to succeed in the German market.

Having and providing possibilities to grow

Bouke is passionate about driving projects forward and being part of the whole process from sensing an idea to actually seeing the idea work in practice. Developing projects, and also people, are close to his heart.

"In my eight years at Arla, all my managers have listened to my interests, evaluated my potential and outlined possibilities for my further development. That’s what I want to pass on to my team. It’s important to me to provide them with opportunities to grow while, at the same time, supporting them when needed."

Bouke believes straight forward communication and transparency are the key factors for success. “If people bring up issues and challenges, solutions can be found.”

Career opportunities within logistics & Procurement

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