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Meet Niklas

Scrum Master

Niklas’s job in 3 words: Value. Facilitation. Purpose. 

Already while studying at Aarhus School of Business and Social Sciences Niklas joined Arla part time as a student assistant followed by an internship.  At the end of his internship Niklas accepted a fulltime position in IT while successfully balancing his master thesis on the side, graduating as Cand.Merc.IT, 6 months after the start of his professional career. 

Frontrunning Arla going agile

Niklas joined Arla early in its agile transformation journey. Being a dedicated part of the first team to introduce and drive agile ways of working in IT gave him the opportunity to become one of the subject matter experts and consequently a lot of responsibility. Today Niklas is working as a scrum master and his job is to drive the agile agenda facilitating agile ways of working. “The most important is to be able to see the case from every angle and from the different stakeholders’ perspectives, but also to not be afraid of making decisions and delegating responsibility. Decisiveness is key. Not based on your own opinion, but with a broad overview of all opinions while being able and daring to push the most sensible solution to the project”, Niklas explains.

Changing the status quo

With a philosophy to never settle, Niklas has successfully facilitated several projects already. Having dealt with projects of different nature ranging from GDPR data privacy, Business Intelligence, IT architecture, master data, advanced analytics etc., Niklas has experienced that no two projects are the same. The theory is a guideline but key to his role is his readiness to adapt to the people he works with and the different environments he navigates.

An open culture accelerates learnings

“Arla has helped me a great deal in developing so fast, offering a lot of support as well as an extremely open culture giving me a steep learning curve. I have no issue in approaching senior managers to discuss things and make my opinion clear.” Niklas explains while adding the value of a feedback culture and the great trust he finds in Arla. “I am trusted to set my own agenda, so I get to do what makes the most sense to me and what I find most important.”

Career opportunities within information technology

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  • Project Manager
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  • IT Solution Manager
  • IT Architect
  • IT Supporter

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