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Meet Martin

Business Development Director 

Martins’s job in 4 words: Leadership. Passion. Pace. Impact.  

Martin began his Arla career in the International Business Development team, developing strategies for Middle East and Africa, Latin America and Canada regions, before taking on the role as Senior Business Development Manager in the Corporate Strategy Execution Office (CSEO). Today, he works as a Business Development Director and drives major projects across the business such as the Group Digital Strategy, Arla brand relaunches and strategies for new categories like Milk-Based Beverages.


Fast Track
In the Corporate Strategy team, Martin’s role is to ensure that projects are driven efficiently from A to B with as much positive impact as possible. “I believe we in Arla have a strong drive to make things happen – which creates a great atmosphere and spirit!”. Recently, the Corporate Strategy team united the company’s business developers into a programme called Fast Track. Fast Track focuses on solving the most critical strategic Group challenges through new ways of working. One element of this is inviting the project leads into Arla’s Executive Management Team’s (EMT) monthly meetings to present and discuss status and direction. To Martin, this is a great initiative: “Being able to discuss key topics directly brings a sharpness to the sessions and demonstrates the trust and empowerment the EMT has in the project leaders of these initiatives!”


Leadership, passion, pace and impact
Guided by leadership, passion, pace and impact, the Corporate Strategy team devotes time and effort to coaching and developing one another. Martin also highlights the strong feedback culture in Arla: “In Arla, I have been very lucky to have had two great managers who have invested a lot of time in coaching and training me. This has definitely fast tracked my professional development and enabled my growth. It’s a core part of our team culture that we voice our opinions and give each other feedback - always in a constructive and respectful way.” He recognises Arla’s commitment to professional development and highlights the various opportunities in terms of training and talent programmes, such as the Talent Accelerator Programme (TAP), which he is joining this year.


Driving projects and developing people
Besides managing impactful projects, which contribute directly to Arla’s mission and Good Growth 2020 strategy, Martin is very passionate about building a world class team and he dedicates a lot of his time and efforts in coaching, engaging and fueling the next generation of his team. “We have excellent young talents in Arla, and I find it deeply motivating to develop and coach them in their daily work – and support them in shaping their career.”

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