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Business Development Manager

Nanna’s job in 3 words: Passion. Pace. Impact. 

Nanna started her Arla career in 2013, as a summer intern in our Stockholm innovation team. She soon after joined the F15® graduate programme. This gave her experience that spans from execution in local markets where profits are generated, to headquarter positions where strategy is being developed to support the former. The three functional and geographical rotations of the programme took her to marketing in UAE, business development in HQ, and e-commerce sales in the UK. In the summer of 2016 Nanna started her full-time position in Corporate Strategy Execution Office (CSEO) working out of HQ in Viby.

Driving strategy execution

The CSEO team was created in March 2016 during the launch of the new organisation and is in charge of driving major strategy projects and supporting the strategy execution agenda. In her position as Business Development Manager, Nanna works closely with many internal stakeholders to understand their challenges & perspectives: “We are tasked with helping Arla Foods realise its full potential through solving key strategic challenges, actively helping to remove 'roadblocks', and providing strategic support to the EMT and senior leadership teams”. Despite the team being fairly new, they have already been driving several major projects including new category and channel strategies, and recently a larger digital project, which Nanna herself was highly involved in.

Experiencing team spirit every day

“Arla is enabling me to grow and constantly develop my professional capabilities – and I can accredit my team and all former colleagues for that." Nanna particularly values her colleagues’ passion, commitment and ability to drive projects forward.

"I always strive to work on projects that I am enthusiastic about so I can perform at my best and add the most value - the energetic atmosphere in my team motivates me to go the extra mile."

The CSEO team is guided by leadership, passion, pace and impact; in addition, a great effort is being put into creating a strong feedback culture. “Constant feedback is by far the best way to develop, so we strive to give each other both positive and constructive feedback several times a week”. Embracing a collaborative spirit, Nanna is passionate about helping others and is engaged in various internal training programmes, from project management workshops to sharing Excel best practise. She is also actively involved in external events to promote Arla as an employer of choice.

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