How we recruit

After the application deadline, we screen and evaluate all applications in order to select the candidates we would like to progress to a personal interview.

First interview


The selected candidates are invited to attend an initial job interview. Typically, the recruiting manager and a department colleague or a Resourcing Team member will participate in the interview.


The aim of the interview is:

  • to provide  you with insight into the framework and opportunities in the job role, as well as in the department and the Arla business overall.
  • to evaluate your professional and personal qualifications.
  • to provide you  with the opportunity to decide whether the job matches your expectations and requirements.


Second interview and assessment


Following the first interview, we would typically select 2-5 candidates who are then invited to a second interview. In this interview we will carry out in-depth discussions about the job and your individual and professional qualifications.

For leadership and specialist positions, we use a range of assessment tools devised to assess skills relevant to the particular role, e.g. language tests, numerical and verbal reasoning assessments, as well as an online personality questionnaire that reviews behaviour and preferred working styles.

The personality questionnaire is one of the tools used as a basis for the second interview, so that we ensure we gain a complete representation of you. 

We believe that a thorough recruitment process is crucial in order to ensure that we hire the right person for the job, team and company.


Dependant on where the role will be based, we will obtain references from your former employer, either before we offer you a contract of employment, or after we have verbally offered you the role. Naturally, this only takes place in agreement with yourself. If we offer you the job, you will be notified verbally and then the contract is sent to you as soon as possible.


If you are not invited to attend an interview, you will either receive a rejection letter or email. If you have attended an interview with us, you will receive verbal notification of the outcome of your interview.

A part of the Team


You're not just learning special skills. You're creating special moments. 


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